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Expert Insight: Surfing With Sea Lions

They can rattle even the most hardcore surfer with their lunges and antics, but according to Department of Conservation Coastal Otago ranger Jim Fyfe, we’re reading them all wrong. Jim explains how we can co-exist in the waves …

A young male sea lion (Phocarctos hookeri) enjoys the waves with Keo Morrison during an evening session at Blackhead, Dunedin. Photo: Derek Morrison

In this short film (see below) Jim Fyfe shares his wisdom when it comes to interacting on land and in the water with sea lions. As the populations of sea lions along our coastline increases, so too will these interactions. They can be frightening, but, as we learn more about the behaviour of these wild marine mammals, we can begin to recognise when they are actually just playing.

Watch as Jim Fyfe debunks some myths and hopefully adds some level of enjoyment to your next sea lion encounter.

Thanks to Department of Conservation, Jim Fyfe, the surfing kids; Taya, Rewa and Keo Morrison, Jack Higgins, Toby Edmonston and Max Wooffindin.
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