Watch: Paige Hareb’s Unexpected Journey

What happens when the world’s hungriest World Qualifying Surfers are suddenly cut-free from their commitments when the 2020 Piha Pro is postponed due to COVID-19?

Well, if Paige Hareb is involved then there is only one solution: grab a handful of good people and indoctrinate them into the ways to the great Kiwi road trip.

On the March 12 as athletes from around the globe were settling in New Zealand and getting ready for the Piha Pro, the World Surf League announced they were cancelling or postponing all of their events in the next months due to Covid-19.

“At that time we didn’t really realise how bad the situation with Covid-19 was and the announcement was a shock,” Paige explains.

“Not knowing how the situation was going to evolve we decided to improvise with a trip around the country,” she smiles. “That’s how the adventure of our very international squad started.”

The crew featured surfers from throughout the world including Ellie Brooks, of Australia, Pauline Ado and Tristan Guilbaud, both of France, Andy Criere of Spain and all led by our very own Paige Hareb. They spent a few days hunting for waves and exploring before New Zealand also entered lockdown.

They’re all in lockdown with the rest of us now, but here’s their last moment of freedom before Alert level 4 took hold. Enjoy.

Ellie Brooks, Australia
Paige Hareb, New Zealand
Pauline Ado, France
Andy Criere, Spain
Tristan Guilbaud, France
Follow Paige Hareb here.
Filming & Editing : © RiBLANC
Additional Drone Footage: Jodie Rayner
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