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WATCH: THC, A New Film By George Syme

I met emerging filmmaker George Syme hanging with Tom Butland at the Scholastics in Taranaki earlier this year. They were about to release a film and I had seen enough of Tom’s surfing to be curious. Well, more than curious … I knew it was going to be special. It was 99 percent complete, but George wanted some more time in the edit suite to “sort a few things out”.

That last one percent is what makes this a standout film in New Zealand … a nod to Tom’s sometimes raw but always explosive style and filmmaker George’s grasp of story telling. Hit play and be transported to the Taranaki we all know and love.

Filming: George Syme
Edit: George Syme
Surfing: Tom Butland
Music: Deftones, Pink Maggit, The Sword Iron Swan, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Dirty Dancing
Decks: Ed Shearer
Last clip: Ticca
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