Win A C-Skins Sponsorship

Derek Morrison
Our friends at C-Skins Wetsuits are giving away a year’s sponsorship for one lucky young surfer. All you need to do is send us in some proof that you’re worthy of their backing. To enter send us a 30-90-second Quick Cut edit that showcases your surfing, lifestyle and character. We’ll......
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Surf Athletes

Watch: Solitude, From New Zealand’s Newest Wetsuit Brand

Derek Morrison
Born of New Zealand, Coastlines Wetsuits, officially pulled up a chair at the global rubber buffet when they launched just a few short months ago. NZSJ discovered they have some heavy hitters on their team and their heart’s in the right place. A few months before the brand launched, former......

Sustainability And Innovation Key Drivers At Seventhwave Wetsuits

Derek Morrison
Lying on a table in Seventhwave’s Ferrymead factory in Christchurch is a fluffy orange wetsuit that doesn’t look anything like the wetsuit manufacturer’s flagship Yamamoto suits. Sarah smiles, she lifts the wetsuit up and explains the prototype to me. “I haven’t surfed in this one yet,” she admits with a......

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