Watch: Solitude, From New Zealand’s Newest Wetsuit Brand

Born of New Zealand, Coastlines Wetsuits, officially pulled up a chair at the global rubber buffet when they launched just a few short months ago. NZSJ discovered they have some heavy hitters on their team and their heart’s in the right place.

A few months before the brand launched, former world longboard champion, Beau Young, and Aussie ripper Kalani Ord, put the new wettie range through its paces. Along the way they discovered that New Zealand offers a level of serenity and solitude that might just be unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Press play and you’ll get a snapshot into their journey, complemented by Coastlines surfer Ricardo Christie ripping into some green rooms around his local hood.

“Ricardo epitomises all the real qualities about New Zealand,” offers Coastlines Wetsuits brand manager Ben Kennedy. “Family, inclusiveness and sharing positive vibes.”

Coastlines in fiercely proud of its New Zealandness. Born into a world ravaged by Covid-19 has had little effect.

“We’re grounded down here in our beautiful area of the world and we’re certainly not complaining,” laughs Ben. “It’s time to get off-road and find some of that solitude for yourself while the water’s cold and the crowds are scarce.”

We’ll be bringing New Zealand Surf Journal readers the full story of Coastlines Wetsuits in a feature article soon.

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