The Bittersweet Arrival Of A Cyclone Swell

Derek Morrison
From a dark cloud of calamity emerges a swell like no other. This is the story of Cyclone Gabrielle … It’s a bittersweet tale for the surf community. While Cyclone Gabrielle tore communities apart throughout the North Island, days later its swell brought communities together. The ominous sight of Cyclone......
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Watch: Eimeo Czermak’s Meko Time

Derek Morrison
Our Tahitian friend Eimeo Czermak celebrates turning 19 with an edit that will make your palms sweaty. Meko Time follows Eimeo in Hawaii and at his beloved Teahupo’o. Grab a coffee (or an Emersons) sit back, hit play and enjoy … Editing:Eimeo Czermak @eimeo.czermak Filming: Paul LavoineManea FabishMorgan MassenBogus Sta......

Watch: Eimeo Czermak Scores Late Season Teahupo’o

Derek Morrison
There’s something very exciting happening at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games venue of Teahupo’o in Tahiti. The local surfers are stepping up to the plate in a big way, led by a mixture of the older guard and the new rising stars in the Tahitian lineup. In this film teenage......

Featured Emerson’s Search For New Zealand’s Underground Chargers

Derek Morrison
New Zealand Surf Journal is excited to launch our nationwide Search For New Zealand’s Underground Chargers … powered by Emerson’s Brewery, of course. Yep, you read that right. We’re on the hunt for those surfers in New Zealand who drop tools when the swell starts maxing out. We’re talking big-wave......

The Edge: Chasing Energy With Doug Young

Derek Morrison
Doug Young, Dan Smith and Dave Lyons target an unruly wave on the edge of a reef during the last storm of the season. The ingredients were this: two 180-degree south swells, both 4m at 14 seconds, a west southwest wind that may drop to 20 knots, if we’re lucky,......

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