Eimeo Czermak


Watch: Eimeo Czermak’s Meko Time

Derek Morrison
Our Tahitian friend Eimeo Czermak celebrates turning 19 with an edit that will make your palms sweaty. Meko Time follows Eimeo in Hawaii and at his beloved Teahupo’o. Grab a coffee (or an Emersons) sit back, hit play and enjoy … Editing:Eimeo Czermak @eimeo.czermak Filming: Paul LavoineManea FabishMorgan MassenBogus Sta......
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Watch: Eimeo Czermak Scores Late Season Teahupo’o

Derek Morrison
There’s something very exciting happening at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games venue of Teahupo’o in Tahiti. The local surfers are stepping up to the plate in a big way, led by a mixture of the older guard and the new rising stars in the Tahitian lineup. In this film teenage......
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Watch: Eimeo Czermak Finds Routine In Tahiti

Derek Morrison
While the Covid-19 pandemic rages worldwide 18-year-old Eimeo Czermak can’t chase his dream of Championship Tour qualification. He finds the only way to stay sane and motivated is to instill a working routine. This edit follows Eimeo as he is growing up and focusing on all the little details that......

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