Wetsuit Tech 8.8

Review: Billabong Custom 4:3 Synergy

Derek Morrison
We test out Billabong’s custom design your own wetsuit concept using two of its women’s Synergy 4:3 steamers. Yep, you can choose your own panels and colour ways – be the designer of your own suit. Seems so good it surely can’t be true … The idea of choosing the......
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Boards 9.0

Board Review: Hughes Surfboards SB19 Custom

Brett Wood
Lockdown forces Raglan surfer Brett Wood to rethink his quiver of international brands. He returns to New Zealand-made boards with the Hughes Surfboards SB19 Custom and opens up a whole new world. His journey may sound familiar to many of us. It’s 1989. Pottz is the champ and every surf......

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