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Meet The World’s Most Fearless Surf Photographer … He’s Only 18

Launched yesterday, Red Bull’s Chasing the Shot documentary follows 18-year-old surf photographer Leroy Bellet, as he chases the ultimate point of view surf shot at some of the world’s wildest big wave locations.

Bellet comes from the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia, where he has grown up surfing and then, at the age of 12, started to document his barrel riding. His surf photography style, often enabled by double towing into slab waves, has stepped the surf photography world into a new realm.

Chasing The Shot has been three years in the making and follows Bellet into increasingly dangerous waves, double-towing with some of the world’s best surfers inside the barrel with a Nikon, GoPro, and — most spectacularly — an ultra high-resolution Phantom camera. Nowhere is the challenge greater than at Teahupo’o, Tahiti … but that’s where Bellet will go to capture the ultimate barrel shot.

Feature Documentary by Red Bull

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