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Watch: Wild Waters, The Fight To Protect The Great Australian Bight

The Great Australian Bight is one of Australia’s least known stretches of wilderness. It is a cauldron of unsung natural treasures, biodiversity, landscapes and waves. A pristine wilderness, it is one of the world’s last unexploited areas and home to thriving coastal communities, whale sanctuaries and more unique marine life than the Great Barrier Reef.

On the February 20, 2019, Equinor, a Norwegian oil company announced its plans to be drilling in the Great Australian Bight. The company gave the public 30 days to comment on Equinor’s plans – a 1500-page document. You can submit on it here. We just added our voice to the 21,864 other submissions.

The Fight for the Bight is very real and necessary to protect this wilderness from dangerous and experimental oil drilling and seismic blasting. In Wild Waters, we meet some of the amazing people standing up to protect the Great Australian Bight.

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