Three Tips To Build Speed From Your Pop Up

Perfecting the basics can sometimes be the toughest part of surfing. Even something as simple as gaining a few more seconds on a wave isn’t actually that simple when you’re learning to surf. Professional surf coach, Matt Scorringe, of The Art Of Surfing, offers you his top three tips to bring you up to speed.

On a wave, milliseconds matter. The biggest challenge for many beginner to intermediate surfers is learning how to generate their own speed rather than just relying on the push of the wave.

This is extremely important when you’re in average conditions. This is the reason a lot of beginner to intermediate surfers only like surfing when the waves are good. If this sounds like you, then this short video will be extremely helpful.

As you progress, so will your understanding of how and why certain body mechanics contribute to generating speed on a wave. Picking your fastest line and utilising your body correctly are essential. Then you’ll need to understand how displacement of your weight across your board affects generating speed.

If you’re looking to increase your speed and gain more time on the wave, rather than bogging or getting caught behind the first section, then these three tips will help you surf faster. By surfing faster you’ll also be surfing better. Enjoy.

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