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Watch: How Epoxy Has Changed The Shaping Game

Surfboard shaper Luke Hughes tells us about the difference between epoxy and PU boards as he walks us through his popular Zorkn model. He shows us how epoxy construction has opened up a slew of options when it comes to flex management and design.

Epoxy surfboard construction has been around since the ’90s, but it has taken off in the past 10 years. Using a polystyrene core coated in resin as opposed to a polyurethane blank with a stringer, epoxy boards give shapers an opportunity to control flex patterns within the board. A multitude of materials have emerged that allow a shaper to manage the way the surfboard moves beneath your feet and interacts with the wave face. These are exciting times.

Ballad of a Drunkard by Talking Cure. Jamendo.

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