Watch: Laurie Towner Finds The Simple Life Of WA

Life on the edge of a desert is simple living. Especially on Western Australia’s remote coastline when a swell begins pushing across the reefs and points. Laurie Towner reminds us all of the importance of the simple life.

A renowned big wave surfer, the very laidback Towner, steals a chance to take us on a scenic trip through the remote areas of the vast Australian desert in search of waves.

On the journey he finds pristine diving waters, incredible wildlife, great fishing, makes new friendships and surfs some amazing, amazing waves. A family man these days, Towner is reminded that the simple things in life are always the best.

Be inspired. We certainly were. Just epic.

Produced By: needESSENTIALS
Cinematography: Nathan Henshaw and Ishka Folkwell
Water Cinematography: Nathan Henshaw
Additional Cinematography: Myles Carroll
Mick Turner: There’s a Great Burning Red Moon Rising On The Lake
Headland: Stumbling Towards You
Kikagaku Moyo: Tree Smoke
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