Quick Cuts: Kalani Louis

C-Skins has come on board our Quick Cuts section where up and coming, and established New Zealand surfers … yeah, OGs, can post their latest edits. This one is bang on featuring Taranaki shredder Kalani Louis getting some driving time in down the coast.

“This is a recent edit from an insane weekend of waves at one of my favourite spots along the $%#@% Road,” he laughs. “Last weekend me and some mates, Tom Butland, Kalani Watts and Anaru Green, headed down the coast to chase a pumping swell and we cashed in.”

Kalani’s mate George Syme came down and they filmed all weekend.

“George puts heaps of time into filming and makes all of our edits as well,” Kalani shares. “I should mention that I just bought a ute so pretty frothing on that even though I still need a pillow to see over the steering wheel.”

Go give the clip a whirl …

Surfer: Kalani Louis
Filmed and Edited: George Syme

Want to submit your own edit to the NZ Surf Journal C-Skins Quick Cuts section? Once you have your 90-second max edit together here’s how you can do just that:
Step 1: Scroll to the bottom of any page on NZSJ and hit Editorial Submission
Step 2: Upload your film (1080p is ideal)
Step 3: Add an intro with the where, what, why, how of your film – remember to name the surfers, filmer, editor, musos etc. And include your contact details in case we need to contact you.
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You’re done. We’ll be in touch once we have reviewed it. Any issues? Send us an email.

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