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40 Frames: 2023 O’Neill Coldwater Classic Kaikoura

The 2023 edition of the O’Neill Coldwater Classic took place in Kaikoura’s over King’s Birthday Weekend. Here’s 40 Frames that capture the spirit of the event.  Enjoy …

Dawn at the 2023 O’Neill Coldwater Classic, Kaikoura. Photo: Derek Morrison
Dawn sets.Coastal dwellers. The lineup. Tommy B, shred. Aaron Lock on full lock.Nixon Reardon coiled. Full moon and flock of birds.Joey Kain shifting buckets.Jarred Hancox on a tear.Local ripper Levi O'Connor.Empty wave. Jarred post-heat debrief.The legend: Al Te Moananui.Campfires. Steve Tyro on the cam. Keo Morrison slay. Open men's winner Tom Butland.Surf camp.Nick Tuhikarama in his quarterfinal.Frank Roberts on rail.Alexis Owen precision.Heat haze. Alexis Owen showing off to the ladies. Ryan Hawker settling in.Frank Roberts cranked.Lincoln Penei on his way to win the Under 16s.Stoking the fire. Jack Tyro going after it.Jarred Ferreira.Ang and Lucy. Rewa on her way to a win in the Under 18s. Tom Butland.Ruben Peyroux ripping. Kona Te Whata on form. Jarred Hancox.Aaron Lock and Mr Camper.The Dunedin camp.Ryan Hawker cranked.George Roberts Senior. Lincoln Penei on form. Sonny Lyons at his local.Jack Tyro on form.Lines down the tracks.Dawn, sponsor plug. Rewa and Lenka. Jack Higgins on rail. Dawn heats.Around the corner, Keo. Solid form from Frank Roberts. Around the campfire.


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