Kim Westerskov


Book Review: Salt By Terry Fitzgibbon

Mark "Curly" Thomas
“More and more I find myself talking to the sea,” admits poet Terry Fitzgibbon, whose latest work, Salt, Coastal Connections is a 160-page love letter to the sea. Mark “Curly” Thomas gets his hands on a preview copy of this impressive body of work. As surfers, we are drawn to......
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How Duke Kahanamoku Helped A Kiwi Surfer Pioneer Murdering Beach

Kim Westerskov
Most of the kaumatua of New Zealand surfing will tell you that they’ve forgotten more than we’ll ever know. Assembled around a campfire in the post-surf glow of twilight the stories tumble out like moths attracted to the flames. These are stories that should be treasured, told and re-told. Like......

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