derek morrison

Spinning Yarns with Sian: Derek Morrison

Derek Morrison
The Sea Society’s Sian Mair sits down with sea lion advocate and New Zealand Surf Journal founder, Derek Morrison, to discuss all things ocean inspired. From growing up in a rural location about as far from the sea as you could get to becoming inspired by the ocean. Sian explores,......
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Video Review: Aquatech DC-5 Water Housing

Derek Morrison
After more than 10 years of swimming around lineups with this housing we decide to give the DC-5 housing from Aquatech a thorough review. The DC-5 is designed for the Canon EOS 5D range of cameras and we ran in ours a 5D MkII, 5D MkIII, 5D MkIV and the......

Owen Rooney Interviews New Zealand Surf Journal Founder, Derek Morrison

Derek Morrison
Truckie turned radio host, Owen Rooney, sits down with New Zealand Surf Journal founder Derek Morrison to discuss Covid-19, business and how his new Toyota Highlander is helping drive the brand through uncertain times. This interview first appeared in a live broad cast on Owen Rooney’s Radio Dunedin breakfast show.......

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