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New Zealand Surf Journal Scores New Toyota Highlander

New Zealand Surf Journal lands a tidy new Toyota Highlander and $10,000 media package through the Toyota and Mediaworks Small Business Driver promotion.

New Zealand Surf Journal founder, Derek Morrison, with the new whip thanks to Toyota New Zealand and Mediaworks. Photo: Taya Morrison

Designed to help businesses who suffered as Covid-19 took its grip on New Zealand in March and April, the Small Business Driver was created by Mediaworks and Toyota. It was offered to businesses throughout New Zealand. One hundred businesses were successful and awarded the car and advertising package.

“Covid-19 came at a tricky time for us here at New Zealand Surf Journal,” explains founder Derek Morrison. “We had built our readership up and were about to enter a phase of asking for industry support to keep the wheels turning. Covid-19 killed those conversations throughout March and by the start of lockdown we had more concern for the survivability of the industry as a whole. It wasn’t a time for us to be asking for advertising dollars.”

New Zealand Surf Journal’s application included our ongoing mantra: to raise the tide for all boats in the New Zealand surfing industry. We plan to do this by telling the stories of the business leaders, athletes, thought leaders and artists who make surfing in New Zealand what it is.

“When I got the call I was blown away and in a little bit of disbelief. The Toyota Highlander is the ultimate surfing wagon for New Zealand surfers.”

New Zealand Surf Journal Founder Derek Morrison

“When I got the call I was blown away and in a little bit of disbelief,” admits Derek. “The Toyota Highlander is the ultimate surfing wagon for New Zealand surfers. It has loads of room inside for boards and gear, intelligent 4WD, stands tall off the ground and has plenty of grunt. Plus, it’s built tough to handle the coastal environment.”

On the hunt for waves with the grom squad. Photo: Derek Morrison

As a winner in the Small Business Driver promotion the New Zealand Surf Journal team gets 12-months with the vehicle and a $10,000 advertising package with Mediaworks. New Zealand Surf Journal will be using the advertising package to promote two upcoming editorial campaigns it is working on (due to be announced soon).

“We have a heap of travel planned so if you see the New Zealand Surf Journal wagon around your local be sure to come and say hello,” offers Derek. “We’re also launching a new editorial section: The Great New Zealand Roadtrip brought to you by the Toyota Highlander. It works like this: we’ll take an interesting surfer and their mates on a roady in search of waves. We’ll document the trip and tell their story along the way.”

A huge thanks to Mediaworks and Toyota New Zealand for creating a silver-lining for small businesses in New Zealand. A big thanks also to the team at Cooke Howlison Toyota for the very in-depth run through of the Toyota Highlander’s operating system and all its bells and whistles.

The journey and the destination. Photo: Derek Morrison
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