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Surf Athletes

Light In The Shadows: The Taylor Hutchison Story

Derek Morrison
Very few surfers have had the weight of expectation heaped upon their shoulders quite like Taylor Hutchison. At 26, he’s come to terms with being born into a hard-working, surfing devoted family. We caught up with Taylor during one of his recent “work trips” to the Otago coastline. Back in......
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Mental Health: How Surfing Is Winning The War

Jack Dustin
There is no question that surfing has special properties that few of us can fully grasp … or thrive without. It just is what it is. Immersion in the brine. The rise and fall of the ocean’s surface and real moments of intensity, fear, power and vulnerability. For Gisborne surfer,......
Surf Athletes

Mental Health And Surfing: Dragon Tackles The Taboo

Derek Morrison
Dragon takes a big step forward and raises the conversation around mental health in surfing, bringing together Dragon surf team athletes from Australia and New Zealand for a team trip with a twist … At New Zealand Surf Journal we don’t run advertorials. We’re 100 percent for the reader. But......

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