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Artist Daryn McBride Offers Surfers Some Lockdown Relief

Surf artist Daryn McBride has taken the lockdown message of community into his own hands. Now in his late 40s he’s offering New Zealanders a window into his art through a series of his colouring-in drawings.

Surf art that you can colour in, courtesy of Daryn McBride.

Daryn McBride is a living legend in the longboard scene. He’s a true talent and master of traditional longboarding. He’s also an incredible artist and, he’ll hate me writing this, but he’s renowned for his passionate disagreements with the judging panels. He used to be quite the wily competitor. You don’t win heats if you don’t care. Daryn has always worn his heart on his sleeve.

Surf artist Daryn McBride with toes on the nose. Photo: CPL

Daryn has one of the biggest hearts I know. When he does something he pours everything into it. It is why he is such a good surfer, it is why he is such an amazing artist. But it comes at a cost. Daryn will burn bright, then burn out, suffering terrible mental strife in the process.

Daryn and I had a plan together to make millions, well maybe not quite. Fourteen days ago, Daryn blew our plans wide open. We were going to make a New Zealand Surfing Colouring-in book together. It was going to be a beautiful A3-bound hardcover, with perforated pages and mixed paper stock … all made to be pulled apart. It would be a thing of beauty.

I couldn’t be happier that he did what he did … some things are bigger.

Get lost in some of Daryn McBride’s art … so good for the soul.

Daryn has made all his drawings free and downloadable for everyone to be able to print them and then colour them in. Every day of lockdown Daryn posts a new drawing, you’ve got 15 there already to catch up on.

“Over the last two weeks it’s been an exercise in learning to take a compliment,” Daryn admits, referring to the uptake of his generous offer. “It has been extremely rewarding mentally for me. Anytime things get a bit much, someone posts a coloured-in version and it makes my day.”

Daryn McBride epitomises the sense of community we all need right now.
Surf artist Daryn McBride with his triplets at home in 2006. Photo: CPL

You can fill your surfing void with some of Daryn’s art through his website here.

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